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Real help and hope for those who can’t enjoy the active life they love.

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Has an injury left you feeling hopeless?

Afraid of taking pain medication forever?

Concerned you might be headed for surgery?

Missing the active life you once enjoyed?

If so, it’s time to try a different kind of physical therapy.

At Rock Island, you’re not just “another patient.”

We listen intently.
Getting you back to an active, pain-free life begins with under-standing your condition and limitations.
We assess carefully.
An expert therapist will diagnose your problem and guide you back to health. You won’t get passed around to “whoever’s free.”
We treat specifically.
Using a targeted, hands-on approach, we’ll help you move with less pain and teach you ways to keep on fixing yourself.

Being derailed by pain or injury is no way to live.

As licensed PTs, with advanced training in orthopedics and manual therapy, we’ve helped hundreds get back to the active lives they love.


“Not only did Troy help me alleviate the pain from two bulging discs, he taught me some strengthening exercises to do at home. What an amazing difference!”
“I injured my bicep doing some work outside. It was bad enough that I was afraid I might not be able to use my left arm like before. Troy patiently worked with me. He gave me some home exercises that were a tremendous help. I’m not only better, I might be stronger than I was before!”
"I am a cross country runner with a 2nd degree stress fracture in my right hip. Coming into therapy, I was beyond nervous.  As soon as I stepped foot in the doors Mr. Troy met me with a smile and asked how I was. He gave me the guidance I needed and helped me to believe I could accomplish anything I put my mind to."
“Despite two back surgeries and lots of physical therapy, my pain wasn’t getting any better. I was really starting to lose hope. Troy took the time to listen to me and to help me understand where my pain was coming from. Now I have answers…and exercises I can do to relieve the pain. It’s been life-changing!”

It’s easy to get
our personalized,
effective care.

1. Make an appointment.

Don’t settle for a life of pain. Give us a call. What have you got to lose—other than all that discomfort and immobility? We’ll get you in for a consult ASAP.

2. Get a targeted plan.

We’ll ask questions and carefully assess you. Once we put our finger on the problem, we’ll create a tailored plan to get you feeling and moving better.

3. Start living more.

When you hurt less and move better you can live more. And the good news?  We will help you learn how to stay on track.

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